Preparing books for distribution is a long process but we feel it helps ensure all students receive the best.

Review and Cleaning

We strive to only include gently used books so that a student will feel proud to own the titles selected just for them. In addition, we review books to make sure the content is age-appropriate for an elementary student. Once this initial pass is completed, books are cleaned so that every book is free of stickers and smudges and looks it's best for gifting!

Sorting, Sorting, Sorting

Next, books are divided into three classifications:

  • A - New book and well known title
  • B - New/very gently used book
  • C - Gently used book

Afterwards, within each classification, books are sorted into grade levels and then divided equally between classrooms.


Once the books are sorted, we bundle three books (one from each classification) so that every student gets one A, B, and C category book. In addition, we try to group similar genres together.  For example, if a student is provided a comic book, their bundle may also include a book on how to draw characters. If we are able, we also try to include one age-appropriate Spanish book for students in ESL classes so they can share reading time with the family.


All bundles are taken to the school where many teachers have the opportunity to assign bundles to students based on their reading interests.


On our designated day, the "Book Worms" (students who helped fundraise for books at the school) visit each classroom. Each student is called up front for their book bundle. Students absolutely love the visit but the real joy is seeing all the smiles and hearing all the excitement when they open the bundle that is specifically for them. Many are elated and others are almost immediately reading through their books. From Kindergarten to 5th grade, every single student is truly happy with their books!  

It is a LONG process to get from donation to delivery.  And, there is an army of volunteers that span all ages who happily jump in to help (of course, we do take plenty of reading breaks!). But, in the end, all of this work is part of our dedication to ensure that ALL students get equal access to all the amazing donations we receive from around the Community!

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