Donate New or Gently Used Books

The books we are collecting do not need to be new. In fact, a very gently used book can make a great gift, too! Here are some guidelines to what we see as an acceptable used book appropriate for gifting:

  • Cover on and all pages still secure to the binding
  • No rips, tears, bend edges
  • No browning pages, mold, smells or water/food damage
  • (preferred) No names or writing
We are looking for age-appropriate books for elementary school reading levels.
  • Comic books (For monthlies, 3 comic books = 1 book)
  • Science activity books
  • Sports books
  • Unused Mad Libs
  • Poetry for kids
  • How to Draw for kids
  • Field Guides
  • Cookbooks for kids
  • Chapter books in Spanish
  • Picture books in Spanish

If you are looking for book title ideas, check out the Book Wish List.


There are two projects where Community involvement is greatly needed. Please let us know if you are able to help us during these times:

Additional volunteering opportunities

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