A Community Fundraising Project

The Reading Jam fundraising project was inspired by a favorite family outing to the Dallas Museum of Art Late Nights where they have bedtime stories told by storyteller Ann Marie Newman.

This is a FREE event that enables the community to get involved in a family-friendly event that celebrates the classic art of Storytime. We invite 10 Readers from all around to read a story with just a few guidelines:

  • A Reader only has 10 minutes to read their story.
  • Readers are encouraged to recruit help to enhance their reading by acting out scenes or engaging the audience.
  • Stories can be read in any language. 
  • Stories have to be family friendly.

A concession stand is where funds are generated for book donations.

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Contact Information

Monica Orozco
1910 Pacific Avenue
Suite 7006
Dallas, Texas 75201
Phone: 214-704-2013
Email: monica@giftofreading.org